Tips To Making The Most Out Of Apartments In Northwest San Antonio

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Welcome back to the blog, residents! We hope you enjoyed the amenity recap in our first post. This time we’re focusing on how to make the most of the inside of your apartments in Northwest San Antonio. Space can be a bit tighter in an apartment, but there are lots of spots to leverage to keep your belongings organized.


The tips below are an easy way to refresh your living space and make your belongings more accessible. They’re also relatively cheap to implement so if you’re living on a budget have no fear!


Let’s get to it! Oh, and when you finish reading through this week’s blog post, we encourage you to send the link to this page to your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments in 78230.


Use The Back Of Doors


Doors have a lot more functionality than separating off two rooms. In your bathroom or closet add over the door hooks and shelving to keep your personal items in order. You’ll be amazed at how much space these can clear up after maximizing this space.


You can also evaluate other cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom to see if you can repurpose the space to your advantage.


Rethink A Coffee Table


Sometimes coffee tables just become another place for junk to pile up on and in which case they lose their purpose entirely. Next time you’re out shopping look for an ottoman or footstool that fits the aesthetic of your apartment.  


Trading in a coffee table for one of these accessories will give you more space to organize than you may think. They are perfect for storing extra blankets or pillows for guests and can also serve as extra seating when you have guests over! Get a cute tray and you’ve repurposed it again into a mini table. So versatile!


Accessorize Your Walls


If you’re still looking for a way to decorate empty wall space take another look at your accessories. This trick kills two birds with one stone because it will add some flair to your walls and give your accessories a home. Find some cute hooks to install and hang up your hat or necklace collection. You might also start wearing some of these pieces more often since they will be out in the open.


Do you have other apartment organization hacks to share? We’d love to hear how you are using the space of your apartments in Northwest San Antonio.


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